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For men and women who are experiencing the ill-effects of balding, the thought of doing something about it can seem incredibly daunting. In fact, many choose to struggle with their hair loss problems needlessly not knowing that there are hair replacement treatments available to them.


For others, they choose to follow that old adage, “There are no problems, only solutions.” They are determined that losing their hair is not going to ruin their lives.


If you fall into the latter category, eMPower Hair wants you to take the necessary steps to eMPower yourselves and regain the self-confidence you once had when you had a head full of beautiful, healthy hair. We want to congratulate you on finding eMPower Hair, the leading hair replacement centre here in London, and for refusing to believe that going bald is normal and part of your future! We look forward to joining you on your journey to a successful hair replacement solution.


eMPower is so much more than a name, it’s what we do. We have helped thousands of men, women, and children of all ages regain their youth with a full head of hair, making them look and feel better about themselves. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you are suffering from hair loss, let eMPower help you get your life and your confidence back today!


No one deserves going to go through life feeling down about themselves just because of the way they look, especially when there are treatments and technology available today that can help you look and feel better about yourself. That’s what we do here at eMPower and we want to help you restore your hair today.


What makes eMPower different than other hair loss and hair restoration companies?


We are experts in the hair loss industry, offering solutions for both men and women. Balding in women is more common than you might imagine which is why our female clientele now makes up 50% of our clients. eMPower Hair also provides specialist hair replacement help for children and those suffering from losing hair as a result of cancer and other medical conditions.


We specialize in cutting-edge hair replacement technology. Our Hollywood-quality human hair systems look great and are undetectable from naturally-growing hair and hairlines.


We are innovators. We focus on using our creativity, passion, and decades of experience to lead the way in the hair improvement industry. eMPower is often the first to introduce the latest techniques in hair restoration treatments here in the UK.


eMPower Hair will enable you to live a completely normal life again. Sleeping, showering, swimming, dating, and going out on windswept days are nothing to fear and your hair secrets will always be safe.


None of our products or treatments will conflict with any medical or hair loss treatment you may be having. Should your natural hair start regaining its growth density again (eg, once treatment for a medical condition comes to an end), we can tailor, modify, or remove your hair loss solution without harm.


eMPower Hair offers solutions that are completely bespoke, friendly, and confidential. All of our services are tailored to your specific needs. Our customers are central to all we do and we want you to be completely confident in our experienced and highly-trained stylists and consultants.


eMPowers’ founders and consultants have suffered from hair loss themselves, which helps us understand your questions and concerns. You can talk to us with complete confidence knowing that we understand exactly how you feel and what you have been through.


We provide world-beating non- damaging hair extensions called, “Kinder Extensions... Gorgeous Hair.™” This is the solution for those who merely wish to boost their volume or length without damaging existing hair.


We back all this with our industry leading guarantee: The eMPowering You Promise™.


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eMPower lets you take that first step towards embracing a new life, free of the misery of losing hair. Call or e-mail us today to book your free no-obligation consultation. We guarantee it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. If you don’t believe us, check out our customer testimonials here. We also have a blog. We want you to feel excited about starting your hair loss solution journey with us when you make that call, so please browse our full site and take advantage of the wealth of information on offer.