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The Hair Loss Journey Part 3

Before that though, start simple. Doubtless for example, you will be terrified of washing your hair too often for fear of shedding more, but my advice is don’t stop washing your hair as lank or greasy hair looks even thinner, and it is seldom the was… more »

Wayne's Mane

Of all the individuals in the public eye to become a hair loss treatment champion, it's probably safe to say that Wayne Rooney would have come pretty far down on our list - if we had a list! In a profession where shaven heads are at least as common as… more »

The Hair Loss Journey - Part 1

  So you've had your first heartstopping moment when seeing a photograph of yourself with an apparently receding hairline, or caught a glimpse of your reflection in a window or mirror with the sun or bright lighting seemingly shining right through your… more »

Should Sufferers Ever Accept Hair Loss?

  This week's Daily Mail Femail Magazine featured the story of alopecia sufferer Pam Glasse My Hair Was The Part Of Me I Loved The Most - Then It All Fell Out Overnight Naturally my heart went out to her as it does to all fellow hair loss sufferers a… more »