Category: Hair Replacement Q&A

How do Ladies Apply Make-up Without Clogging-up the Front Lace?

The best way to apply foundation, powder or bronzer is to protect the front lace area by putting a shower cap (the type you find in hotel bathrooms!) over your head, bringing it forward over the hairline to protect the lace and then apply your make-up as… more »

If I Live Far From Your Locations, is it Necessary For Me to Travel to Your Salon In Order to Have a System Designed?

It is normally necessary for you to make two trips to our London salons. One for the design and one for the "cut-in" after your system has arrived (6-8 weeks later).   more »

Do You Have Clients Who Will Let Me See Them Wearing Their Hair System?

Yes. We have clients who you can look at and also we have examples for you to actually wear. more »

I Do Not Live A Particularly Active Lifestyle, But I Do Own a Convertible. Would That Be a Problem With One of Your Hair Systems?

Not at all! Let your hair blow in the wind. Live in it! Short of falling off of the London Eye, your system can withstand a lot of normal wear and tear including wind, rain, swimming, soccer, etc. more »

Will Your Systems Look Like My Own Hair?

The most important thing to remember is that we make hair systems that look like your own hair and it looks like it is growing right out of your skin! Our technology make it possible to make the famed "eMPower Hair  front"- a scalp line whereby the hair… more »

Is There Any Other Way To Wear a System Without Shaving?

 In most cases it is necessary to shave the areas that need more hair, but in some cases we make what are called Hair Integration Systems which saves every hair on your head. However, if you want total undetectability, I suggest you shave. Remember no on… more »

How Are You Able To Replace The Hair In My Receding Temple Area?

We can replace the hair in your temple areas because our materials disappear on your skin so we can replace hair anywhere. more »

How does the unit last 2-3 years if it is human hair? Won't the hair deteriorate/fade/develop split ends?

Unlike man-made hair, the Human Hair we use is a very durable, super-premium medium. Color corrections will need to be done occasionally (every 6 months or so) and hair addition and a new front required, but it's a very easy process. Also, if you look af… more »

How long does my system stay on my head?

Every person is different, depending on skin oil level, the amount of sweat produced, lifestyle, etc. the usual time is between 3 and 4 weeks. more »

What is the life span of your hair systems?

Our systems will last 2-3 years if A PAIR are purchased (that can be rotated) and depending on the client's styling and maintenance techniques. more »