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Chemotherapy Hair Replacement FAQ
Q. How do you ensure that the baldness process is never seen for a chemotherapy or radiation patient?
A. At eMPower we work with you, strategically planning the process so at the first sign of hair loss from radiation or chemotherapy we immediately arrange for you to make the transition to your hair system. This is why we ask that you come and see us before your scheduled treatment so we can have your eMPower hair system ready and waiting for you. This makes the whole process seamless—so no one knows you have any type of hair loss or illness. And you always see yourself at your best.

Q: Does your eMPower hair system get hot as my treatment makes my head sweat?

A: No, in fact we engineered all of our eMPower hair systems to breathe and sweat like your own skin.

Q. Do you make hospital, doctor’s offices or home visits?
A. Yes we do.. Simply give us a call and a few days notice and one of our friendly, expert professionals will come to you.

Q. Can I really run and sleep and shower with my eMPower Hair Replacement System?
A. Yes. Provided you follow our maintenance guidance you can do most things such as sleep, swim, run, play tennis within normal tolerances (i.e. not jump off the Eifel Tower). eMPower ’s products are made to eMPower you to live life.

Q. Can I take my hair system off when I need to or is it semi-permanent?
A. We can arrange various types/methods of attachment that suit you. Thus, you can take your eMPower Hair System off when you like.

Q. Are your products and services warranted?
A. Absolutely. In fact we pride ourselves on having arguably the best warranty in the industry, anywhere. Our eMPowering You Promise covers everything we do and is designed to delight you.

Q. Are your products hypo-allergenic?
A. Yes. Our products rarely cause allergic reactions, and clients are always given an allergy test before ordering,

Q. Will my hair blow off or when wet slip off my head?
A. No. We developed our eMPower Hair Replacement Systems to be able to operate in life various conditions—including wind, rain, etc. So, go for a walk in the wind or rain and feel secure (provided it’s not a 200MPH monsoon).

Q. Will your hair system stop my own natural hair from coming back?
A. No, not at all. Our hair systems are designed to let your own hair follicles and scalp breathe, and can accommodate up to 1/4 inch of hair growth underneath.

Q. Can I have a private consultation?

A. Of course, our consultations are always private, are about us answering your questions, and always are free.

Q. Is your treatment for men or women or both?
A. eMPower ’s innovation and desire to change lives is oriented towards both women and men.

Q. What is maintenance like?
A. On average it requires a “re-groom” (where we replace the adhesives, clean the system, trim your own hair if needed) about every 2-3 weeks. This can be done in our salon (just like going to a regular salon) or you can be trained to do it yourself at home (self-maintenance).

Q. Do you deal with all skin and hair colors?
A. eMPower from day 1 developed its hair replacement systems for every skin color (ethnicity), hair type (Black, Asian, Mediterranean, Caucasian), hair color and hair length.

Q. What happens as my hair starts to grow back after treatment?
A. We designed our eMPower Medical Hair Systems with everything in mind. Our medical hair system facilitates your natural hair’s re-growth—and our expert stylists will evolve your transition from our hair system to your own hair without anyone noticing.

Q. What is the one thing that separates eMPower from everyone else?
A. We care about every customer, and eMPowering them to live their lives to the fullest—to be able to be who they really are inside and take control. We also are about trust, compassion, creativity and customer-first mentality.